3 Simple Things SMB Can Do To Make Their Work Easier

3 Simple Things SMB Can Do To Make Their Work Easier

According to Techaisle, budget constraints, excessive data growth, maintaining current IT Infrastructure, business continuity is among the top 10 challenges Small and medium-sized business (SMB) are facing in the industry. Not all SMB’s are aware of the fact that adoption of the cloud is the answer they need to solve their current IT challenges. In case your business is just starting out and it’s yet to make a move on cloud computing, then you need to understand Why Move to the Cloud? and the Top Benefits of Cloud Computing. Considering the fact that most SMBs are recently utilising the cloud, makes it’s pretty much unnecessary to discuss in details the benefits of adopting cloud computing. To put it briefly, advantages like total financial savings, flexibility, and reduced time to market are just so widely recognized become baseline targets.

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Small and Medium-sized Business SMB

3 Simple Things SMB Can Do To Make Their Work Easier

  1. Simplify How You Work with G Suite for Business: For small and medium-sized business, you really do not luxurious or costly productivity solutions to assist your operations. A cost-effective and affordable option is G Suite, which provides an efficient web-based office application as well as Gmail, Calendar, Drive (this includes the office apps the office apps Docs, Sheets and Slides ), Hangouts and even more. G Suite can be accessed on desktop and mobile with offline support and Google-backed security.
  2. Cut down Cost with Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that can be of help small and medium-sized businesses in various ways – from cutting down on the cost of buying new equipment to maintenance compliance via the most strict security standards. Azure pitches enterprise level technology accessible to small to medium-sized businesses who are possibly not able to afford it. Companies taking advantage of Microsoft Azure get much faster development cycles that on-premises solutions. In other words, when developing their applications they are able to get more responsive feedback and also become much more iterative.
  3. Improve Business Relationship with Microsoft Dynamics 365: Do you happen to be bored with inaccurate reporting and ineffective processes? Would you like an application designed to conveniently manage customer interactions, enhance your marketing, and drive more sales? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM (customer relationship management) application which most companies use to manage and evaluate customers interactions and data. The objective of CRM is simply to improve business relationships with customers, assist business to enhance customer service and increase sales.

The aforementioned platforms are not only for big businesses. Basically, any business that has a product to sell and a service to render to customers can benefit from this. Contact a cloud solution vendor for free consultation and assessment of your company’s infrastructure and on-premise applications.

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