100 Features, Things and Points Announced at Google I/O 2019

100 Features, Things and Points Announced at Google I/O 2019

Google I / O 2019 Event was full of announcements and news for the whole ecosystem of the Mountain View group, with new features coming for the software, hardware, AI, Augmented Reality, home automation and much more.

100 Features, Things and Points Announced at Google I/O 2019

All described in the 100 points listed below:


1. Hold the phone! Our new smartphones, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, go up the shelves this week, bringing together all the essential features of Google at a lower price ($399 for the 5.6-inch display and $479 for the 6-inch model).
2. Good things come to three, like the Pixel 3a colour options. Choose from Purple-ish, Clearly White and Just Black.
3. And next to your phone, it has the same fantastic Pixel camera. Capture shots in portrait mode and HDR +, or use Night Sight to take magical photos in low light conditions.
4. To add creativity, Time Lapse arrives on Pixel 3a. Soon you will be able to capture an entire sunset in a few seconds of video.
5. Battery all day, baby! Pixel 3a charges seven hours of battery life in 15 minutes and the battery can last up to 30 hours.
6. Squeeze Pixel 3a to allow the Google Assistant to send messages, find directions, set reminders and more, simply touch your voice.
7. Hi, who is it? The Call Assistant feature of Google Assistant (available in English in the US and Canada) offers more information about who is speaking before they even answer the phone. Better yet, it helps you save yourself from robots once and for all.
8. Pixel 3a is protected from new threats with years of operating system and security updates.
9. Comes with the customized Titan M chip to protect the most sensitive data.
10. All Pixel phones will receive a preview of the AR in Google Maps. So, I saw the forecasts walking on the same world, rather than looking at a blue dot on a map.
11. Say hello to Google Nest. Looking for home and the Nest brand together to create a useful home.
12. Nest Google Nest Hub Max. Hub Max has a 10-inch screen, premium stereo sound, a camera with integrated Nest Cam functionality and the power of Google Assistant.
13. Live albums on Nest Hub Max helps you choose photos of family and friends on Google Photos on the screen.
14. The Nest Cam is a watch of love at home. You can turn on the camera when you are away and check the right things from the Nest app on your phone.
15. The Hub Max video camera is also capable of making video calls and leaving personalized messages with Google’s video call app, Duo.
16. If you’re listening to music or watching a cooking tutorial, turn down the volume with a wave of your hand. With gestures, you simply have to look at the Nest Hub and raise your hand to pause the media.
17. The dashboard of the home overview of all devices connected by the dashboard and Google Assistant now controls over 30,000 smart devices from 3,500 brands.
18. Similar to Voice Match, you have the ability to enable the Nest Match Max Face Match feature that offers you the device and share the most important information, like their calendar and estimated time for commuting.
19. We shared our privacy commitments, explaining our security and privacy options for Google Nest products.
20. A green light is on the front of the Hub indicating when the camera is streaming. Also, like the Nest Cam and Face Match.
21. Hub Max will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia this summer.
22. Google Nest Hub, formerly Google Home Hub, is now available in 12 other countries: Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain and Sweden.
23. And our prices are lower: Google Nest Hub available in the United States for $ 129, and starting today Google Home is $ 99 and Google Home Max is $ 299.


24. The assistant is now on more than a billion devices, available in more than 30 languages ​​in 80 countries.
25. The next generation of Assistant will run on the device and respond to a query up to 10 times faster, with almost zero latency. It will arrive on Pixel phones by the end of the year.
26. Continue the conversation. Now with Continuous Conversation, you can make multiple requests in a row without having to say “Hey Google” every time.
27. Make two instalments on the site to help you complete tasks faster. Just ask the assistant, “Book a car for my next trip”, and you’ll see the rest.
28. Sound the alarm! Now you can take a picture or simple use of Google Home Smart Display simply by saying “stop”.
29. The assistance is coming! With a new feature called Personal References, the Assistant will understand you better and refer to the important things in your life. Di & # 39; that you said in the Assistant who is in contact with “Mamma”. You can then ask, “Hey Google, com & # 39; s the time at my mother’s house this weekend?” And get the answer without further details.
30. Choose your next recipe to try, the event to attend or the podcast to listen with Picks for You. This feature is based on past research and other contextual signals to give you more personalized results.
31. In weeks, you will be able to access a request from Waze direct assistant.
32. Take advantage of Google Assistant driving mode when you’re at the wheel. The new dashboard starts automatically when you are driving and displays the most important activities such as space, messaging, calls and multimedia content.
33. It is easier to use the assistant to control your car remotely, so you can adjust the temperature of your car, check the fuel level.
34. Check the Assistant data and make the privacy choices that are right for you from the “You” tab in the Assistant settings.
35. Have you ever looked for a “how to” question? We will give content creators easy-to-use development tools, so in the coming months when we ask “Hey Google, how do I install a dog door?” Get a useful step by step experience from a trusted source like a do-it-yourself network.
36. Help now can help you do specific things in some of your favourites. For example, you can say “Hey Google, start a run in Nike Run Club”.
37. Game creators can now fully watch the development of interactive Smart Display screens, so you’ll start to see more games that combine voice, graphics and touch.

AI and ML

38. And the winner is … we presented the 20 beneficiaries of the Google Impact Challenge which finances artificial intelligence to face societal challenges.
39. We have made progress on forecasting floods in India. Regarding the timing, location and severity of flooding across 90% of India and sharing that information with Google Public Alerts.
40. Two bands came on stage at I / O, with a little help from automatic learning. Both YACHT and The Flaming Lips worked with Google engineers to create music with Magenta, our artificial intelligence tool for artistic creativity
41. Check out our new PAIR guide, an external toolkit that helps professionals make a decision and centralize on the user when building with artificial intelligence.
42. We are taking the same artificial intelligence research that makes our products better and usable to improve user privacy. The federation learning to Google IA products is better for you and tasks better for everyone, without collecting raw data from your devices.

Google News and Research

43. It is now easier to stay aware. The technology that drives full coverage in Google News is in Search to better organize search by topic.
44. When it comes to a story, a sequence of events, a tweet and even a podcast.
45. In the coming months we will start a list of podcasts in search results or save an episode for later.

Augmented reality and Google Lens

46. ​​Seeing is believing! Soon you will be able to look at 3D objects from the search and insert them into your space.
47. Now the goal is easier to see the AR to superimpose useful information and content to the things you see. For example, you see a dish you would like to cook in an upcoming issue of Bon Appetit magazine, you will be able to point your camera at a recipe and revive the page and show you exactly how to make it happen.
48. The goal can help you decide what to order. Just point the camera on the menu and Lens highlights which dishes are popular, directly in the menu. Tap on a plate to see photos and snippets of reviews from Google Maps.
49. Now you can point your camera at the text in Italian.
50. What? When you like your photo in the text, the lens can now read it aloud. You can also touch a specific word to search for its definition. This feature is launched for the first time in Google Go, our Search app for smartphone users for the first time.

Private life

51. You will begin to see the icon of your Google account profile in a more evident way on all Google products, so just one touch is enough to access privacy.
52. We are now looking at data management in Maps, Assistant and YouTube (coming soon). For example, you will be able to view your location information directly in Google Maps, and then quickly return to your directions.
53. New automatic deletion checks for Location History and Web Activity and Automatic Control Apps.
54. We are expanding the incognito mode, the option in Chrome that deletes the history of after each session, towards our other products, including maps.
55. Thanks to the federated learning, Gboard has improved predictive typing and emoji predictions on tens of millions of devices.
56. You have integrated security keys into your Android phone, giving you simpler and more affordable protection against phishing attacks. This is available for all devices running Android 7.0 and later.


57. The latest features of Android Q are focused on innovation, security, privacy and digital well-being.
58. A new story on transportation.
59. Android offers developers tools to create fantastic apps for folding phones and 5G, opening up new possibilities for experiences like your games on your device.
60. Live Caption will automatically play the media content that can be played on your video podcasts similar to phones, audio messages and even recorded content on any app.
61. Smart Reply is getting even smarter! Your phone will not only show you the suggested answers, but it will also help you take action, like opening addresses from a text message in an app like Maps.
62. You asked, we listened! Android Q brings Dark Theme. You can activate in Settings or switch on Battery Saver.
63. We bring privacy to the highest level of settings so you can find all the important controls at a single location.
64. Android allows you to manage your position (or not) with the app according to your own terms.
65. Is it time to go out? With the new Focus mode, you can do things without distractions by selecting the apps you want to stay active and pause everything you don’t do.
66. And to help children and families find a better balance with technology, making sure that the links of all Digital Wellbeing content, starting with Android Q.
67. Signed, sealed, delivered! C & # 39; a new way to deliver important updates. With Project Mainline, you can update the main systems of the operating system.
68. All Android devices with Q-including phones, tablets, TVs and Android are required to encrypt personal data.
69. Some of these versions are available today on Android Q Beta, available on 15 devices from 12 manufacturers (in addition to all Pixel phones).
70. Android is a lot of new emojis, including 53 new non-binary emoji projects that Unicode offers “genderless”.
71. Fasten! The new Android design is able to make you travel faster, show you useful information at a glance.
72. Now multimedia content developers are able to create new entertainment experiences for infotainment systems on Android.
73. With Google’s Tiles on Wear OS you have more fluent access to things from your wrist such as your goals, next event, weather forecasts, heart rate and timer.
74. The Android TV platform now has more than 140 paid TV partners, 6 of the 10 best OEM TV programs that reach Android TV; and more than 5,000 apps and games in its ecosystem.


75. It is now easier to share files between Linux, Android and Chrome OS for the file manager.
76. Android Studio on Chrome OS helps you make your own Chrome OS apps on the Chromebook.
77. All Chromebooks launched will be ready for Linux ready to use.
78. We have one of the best and safest fingerprints on the web.


79. With the option of bidding on TROAS, advertisers will soon be able to pay more for users who spend little less.
80. We collaborate with eight agencies
– Vidmob, Consumer Acquisition, Bamboo, Apptamin, Webpals, Creadits, Kaizen Ad and Kuaizi – to provide end-to-end creative development and consulting services to advertisers.
81. Starting this year, we will expand a new monetization program, entitled Open Bidding, for all publishers, so that investments are maximized automatically.
82. New browser transparency tools
will offer people greater visibility of the data that Google uses to personalize ads.
83. We have also launched new tools for developers, controlling transactions and risk.


84. Project Euphonia is using artificial intelligence to improve the computer’s ability to understand and transcribe a diverse set of language patterns, including altered language.
85. Live Relay uses speech recognition per device and speaks on behalf of people as they type.
86. Project Diva is a research effort that makes Google help more accessible to people with disabilities.

More announcements for developers

87. We are preparing a preview of Local Home SDK
88. The next version of our Maps Android SDK is now available for public beta. It is based on a common platform with the Google Maps mobile app, which means better performance and feature support.
89. A new integration of the Google Maps platform with deck.gl will make it possible in high-quality data.
90. Progress by unifying our efforts on home gaming devices parts under a single platform for developers. We will now provide experience for consumers and developers through the Google Assistant Works program.
91. We have included arcs with lights and light forecasts: features that create more interactive and realistic experiences.
92. Scene Viewer is a new tool that allows users to view 3D objects in AR from your website.
93. The development of Android will become more and more Kotlin.
94. We have released 11 new Jetpack libraries and opened a first preview of Jetpack Compose, a new toolkit broken down by individual user.
95. Android Studio 3.5 Beta is available for download and includes improvements in three main areas: system integrity, functionality and bugs.
96. Flutter 1.5 includes many answers in response to errors, including updates for the new App Store iOS SDK requirements, updates to iOS widgets and materials, engine support for new device types and Dart 2.3 with new UI language -how-code Features.
97. We have released the first Flutter technical preview for the web.
98. Our API for in-app updates is out of beta. Now people can install updates without ever leaving the app.
99. New metrics and insights in the Google Play Console.
100. A new change is coming to Chrome Canarino to help heavy image websites load faster.

Google I/O 2019 Video of the Event Below

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